What I Ate With Ranch

This used to be "What I Ate With Ranch Today", but it got hard to keep up on (and was pretty boring if I ate curly fires with ranch more than a couple times a week). So, I've dropped the "Today" from the title. Now, anytime I eat something with ranch, I will update this site to share the experience.


Cindy wrote in with a ranch recommendation that I thought I should share with everyone. She says that Ryan's Steakhouse Buffet has the BEST ranch dressing she has ever tasted. I don't know of any of these Buffets in my area, but if you live near one it is probably worth a try. She also says, "They actually call it "house" dressing.  They will not tell me what is in it, just that it is made on the premises". Thanks for the recommendation Cindy!


At work they had some avocado ranch dressing on the salad bar. I think it was left over from a special the day before. I love avocados, and I love ranch, so I had to try this. The dilemma was what to have it with. My first thought was to have a quesadilla, but they only had small tortillas, so that wasn't going to work. Instead I had the grill cook make me a grilled cheese on sourdough with cheddar and grilled onions. When I got the sandwich I opened it up and spread some of this avocado ranch in the middle. It was AMAZING! The next time you feel like having a grilled cheese, be sure to try this great combo.


I get a lot of people asking me about Gregg's Savory Ranch Dressing. This is certainly the best bottled ranch I've had. It's still not as good as making it fresh, but it's nice because it comes in a huge container and it has to be kept refrigerated at the store. It is fresher and it's missing the preservatives that make other bottled ranch taste funny. The down side is that you can only get it at Costco. I've not seen it anywhere else and there is very little info about this product on the web. If you've seen this anywhere else, let me know!


I made some great potato skins last night. I normally don't have any green onion on hand and I make them with just potato and cheese, but this time I had some so I added them to the recipe. They turned out great! I made some fresh ranch to go with them, so it was a great treat.


I've got lots of appetizers! I got a huge box of jalapeño poppers and mozzarella sticks at Costco the other day. They are super easy to cook, and go great together and with ranch. I've been making appetizer plates with cheese quesadillas, poppers and mozzarella sticks with a side of ranch. I wanted some variety the other day so I added a side of salsa for the quesadilla, some jalapeño jelly for the poppers and I tried some Bernstein's Parmesan Garlic Ranch with the mozzarella sticks. What a great combo! Read my review of Bernstein's ranch here.


I'm so relieved. After 2 bad ranch experiences in a row at Izzy's Pizza, they finally got the dressing back to the way I remember it. I don't think the ranch was actually bad, as in spoiled, I think they changed brands or something for a short period and the substitute was crappy tasting. Whatever the problem was, I'm just glad it's over and they have their old ranch back.


I'm making myself a nice treat tonight. I made some Uncle Dan's Classic Ranch with buttermilk, and now I'm working on making some potato skins. I'm going all out with some yummy Colby-Jack cheese and even some green onions for that restaurant touch. I can't wait until they are done! :)


Well, the good news is I just got done enjoying some homemade Hidden Valley ranch with cheesy cajun fries. The bad news is I had another bad ranch experience this week. You may remember a few weeks ago I mentioned getting some bad tasting ranch from Izzy's Pizza (who normally has great ranch). Well, this week I ordered a very yummy Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza (artichokes, garlic, roasted red peppers and sun dried tomatoes)from Track Town Pizza and ordered three, 6 oz containers of off tasting ranch (Note that Izzy's gives me four 6 oz containers of ranch for free, but Track Town charges $1.25 each). While it wasn't as bad as Izzy's ranch the last time, it wasn't up to it's regular, addictive flavor. I think maybe they added two much or two little of something, but I can't quite pinpoint it. Normally this wouldn't bother me much (I get bad tasting ranch from restaurants all the time), but I've always felt these two establishments had some of the best ranch in town. Oh well, hopefully they were both only one time mistakes and not a change in brands.


I got a new bottle of ranch powder this weekend, so I celebrated by making some fresh ranch. Unfortunately, I haven't had much chance to use it. I did have some cheese fries with it earlier this week, and I might have some more tonight. I also got some ranch flavored wheat thins that I'm saving for this weekend.


I've been out of ranch at home for a couple days this week but I've been eating some foods that don't need it like Mexican and Cheese Fondue. Today, however, I had some very good ranch at lunch with some perfectly cooked Onion Rings. I wonder, was it really that good? Or did I enjoy it more since I haven't had any in a while? Hard to say, all I know is it was a good lunch.


This week I had some fries with ranch at lunch and some potato skins with ranch earlier in the week. I also had some cheese fries at night a couple times. I got some new spicy cajun fries to try this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm going to have cheese on them or not, but either way, they should go good with ranch.


I made some Potato Skins yesterday. Such a great treat. I get to have them for lunch two days in a row, and I've still got a few left for a snack tomorrow.


It's been a pretty mellow week for ranch. I think I had some fries with ranch for lunch one day and that was about it. I ran out of ranch at home at the beginning of the week and didn't pick up new buttermilk until last night. I'll probably make some ranch later today and have some cheese fries.


I've been on a bit of an Izzy's kick lately. We got some pizza and potato rounds from there last night, and I had them as leftovers today too. I got my usual 4 sides of ranch.


Ranch at work was really good today. Nice and thick. I made some good ranch the other night, so I've got good ranch at home too. I'm in ranch heaven. :) I Just got done with some mozzarella sticks with diner. Earlier, at lunch, I had some work ranch with curly fries. They have pretty good curly fries there too (when they cook them right). Yesterday I had some ranch on a salad, and some mozzarella sticks at night. Oh, I almost forgot, this weekend I got some take-out Potato Rounds from Izzy's Pizza. I had ranch at home, but I still ordered some sides of ranch since they don't charge for it and it's soooo good.


Yesterday at work, we went out to the Roadhouse for our team lunch. I got some of their very tasty Potato Skins (without the meat and BBQ sauce). Of course, I had 2 sides of ranch and lots of leftovers. Then tonight, I made some great ranch and finished off the Potato Skins.


I made some Potato Skins last night, and they were great. I'm so glad I found that new recipe, it's quicker and they taste better than the way I was doing it before. I had some fresh ranch leftover for them last night, and I took some leftover skins to work today where I used the ranch from the salad bar. It was pretty good, but I like mine better.


I've been eating at home a lot lately, which is good. I got a HUGE box of Mozzarella sticks at Costco the other day. They should last me for months, although maybe not since they are so easy to make (7 minutes in the oven). I also still have those poppers I bought a while back. So, cook up some poppers, mozzarella sticks and cheese fries and you've got a great appetizer plate that only needs a little ranch dressing! It's been a good weekend. :)


It's been a good week. Earlier I had some Izzy's Potato Rounds with their very delicious ranch. Then, with my discovery of the Hidden Valley® Seasoning and Dressing Mix Canister, I made some ranch at home and had Cheese Fries. I think I may have also had some curly fries and onion rings at work this week.


As I mentioned before, I went on vacation recently to Disneyland and to Arizona to visit the family. Surprisingly, it was a rather ranch-free vacation. There isn't much ranch available in Disneyland, and when we visited my parents, we ate a lot of Mexican food (of course, I had a lot of the Mexican Ranch - Guacamole). Now that I'm home, I've been making up for lost time with lots of yummy food: Curly Fries, Poppers and even some carrots.


The ranch quality at work has significantly improved. It's got good flavor, and it's nice and thick now; no more of that runny crap. I had some onion rings and curly fries with it this week and they were great! At home I had some more jalapeno poppers (I'm still working on that huge box I got at Costco).


As I mentioned in the News section, I went to Costco this week and picked up new ranch. I also picked up a HUGE box of Poppers (the jalapeno cream cheese kind). I'm sure you can guess what happened next. Yes, I made Potato Skins, Poppers and quesadillas. What a great combo that all go with ranch. I still have Poppers and Potato Skins left, so I'll be having some more this week. :)


I finished off that bowl of fresh Hidden Valley this week. It inspired me to make potato skins this weekend, and they turned out very good. I decided to try a variation of the TGI Friday's Potato Skins recipe. I really enjoyed them and it cut about 20 minutes off my prep time, so I've updated my Potato Skins recipe in the recipe section. I also had some more jalapeno poppers and some onion rings this week.


I picked up some Hidden Valley packets yesterday, so tonight I made some yummy dip. I'm having some jalapeno poppers with it. Earlier this week I had some curly fries with ranch. Now that I think about it, I had curly fries with ranch a couple times this week..


To finish up the potato rounds from Izzy's, I made some fresh dip. I didn't have any Hidden Valley packets, so I decided to try out the Uncle Dan's I had. I like the mix of mayo and milk I use for Hidden Valley, so I thought I'd try that instead of use their recipe (which actually called for sour cream). It turned out very good. Today I got myself a special treat. I picked up some jalapeno poppers (with cream cheese). They go great with ranch, so I'm glad I had some fresh ranch.


Last week was a great week for ranch, but today was a great DAY for ranch. I had some onion rings with ranch for lunch (and a grilled cheese on the side), and for diner I had some potato rounds with ranch from Izzy's. Their potatoes have a think breaded coating and are very tasty. Their ranch is VERY good and I believe it is made fresh on site. If that wasn't enough, they give you as much as you want for FREE!! I get 8-12 ounces every time, and they never charge for it.


What a great week for ranch. Early this week, I had some Potato Skins with ranch, and then a couple days later they had mozzarella sticks at work. So, I had some of those with ranch. Two nights ago, I had some Cheese Fries with ranch and yesterday I had a salad. I picked up some more of that Buttermilk Ranch yesterday, so I'll be enjoying that this week.


Ranch consumption has been pretty standard since I last updated. I had some curly fries, some cheese fries and some onion rings. Also, as mentioned above, I tried Hidden Valley's new Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Ranch Dressing.


As I mentioned in the News section, I had some Jack In The Box curly fries yesterday. They make some of the best curly fries as they are lightly coated with a crunchy, seasoned layer. The ranch is pretty good, it's a very butter-milky ranch that goes great with curly fries, but I don't think I'd want it on a salad.


I had some more Ore-ida Steak Fries with ranch today. I've been using the 24oz bottle of Hidden Valley since I'm trying to figure out if it tastes better than the 32 oz bottle. Now you might think that's crazy, but I do think I can tell a slight difference. I'll post again when I know for sure.


I got a new bottle of Hidden Valley this weekend and had some homemade cheese fries. I used the Ore-ida Steak Fries, and some Medium Cheddar. It was very good (as usual).


This week I made something a little different. I found a packet of Peppercorn Ranch Dip in the cupboard, so I decided to try it out. It turned out very good. I changed the recommended recipe a bit though. They called for 16oz of sour cream with 1/2 cup of mayo. I went ahead and made it a little more like what Hidden Valley recommends plus the sour cream. So the final mix was 1 cup mayo, 1/2 cup sour cream and 1/2 cup milk. It went great with pizza and cheese fries.



We had to work late the other night, so we ordered pizza. I got a Mediterranean from a local pizza place. It was very good. The Mediterranean has feta, sun dried tomatoes, pesto and the usual sauce and cheese. I added artichokes to the mix as well. As you can imagine, this pizza goes GREAT with ranch. I also had some Cheese Fries this weekend. Those were good too.


The ranch flow has been pretty slow lately as I've been enjoying making fondue. No, I'm not going to make planetfondue.com, that would be weird. Anyway, I made Potato Skins on Sunday, and I've been enjoying them ever since! I love making Potato Skins because the extras last for days. Do I need to mention that I dipped them in ranch? Or is that a given? I don't know, but anyway, I also had some very good Mozzarella Sticks with ranch on Monday.


The ranch flow has been pretty light the last couple weeks, but I made up for it over the last three days. On Sunday, I made Breakfast Potatoes with ranch, and for lunch I had Cheese Fries with ranch. Then on Monday, I had a salad with ranch for lunch, and more Cheese Fries with ranch when I got home. Today I had some onion rings with ranch. Unfortunately, the ranch at work is very runny right now, so it's not very good. That might be why I've cut back a bit.


So today at work, we went out for our monthly "Team Lunch" to what used to be a Farrell's Ice Cream place. It's now called Pearl Street Ice Cream or something like that, and it's run by a Chinese couple that also do all the water\waitressing. It was OK at best. The inside was all the same still, but one odd thing was they still had Coca-Cola logos all over the place (including on the menu) even though they only sold Pepsi! Lame. Anyway, I had mozzarella sticks with ranch, a grilled cheese and some fries. The fries were ordinary, and I've had better grilled cheese. On the other hand, we got a shit load of tasty mozzarella sticks (at least a dozen) for only 5 bucks, and the ranch was pretty good too. So, moral of the story is, if you are in the mood for mozzarella sticks and ice cream, I'd be sure to check out Pearl Street whatever it's called.


Well, it's been a pretty good couple of days for ranch. Sunday I had the rest of the the pizza with ranch and a quesadilla with ranch (not at the same time though). Today I had a salad with ranch, and this evening I had Haystacks. I need to get my recipe up for Haystacks soon. In short, it's a mix of cooked pinto beans, cheese, doritos, lettuce and ranch.


This has been a pretty low ranch week. I finished up that pizza on Sunday, and had ranch with that. I actually haven't had any since, until today. I had a grilled cheese and curly fries with ranch for lunch today. And then for dinner, we ordered a new pizza from Papa John's. It was pretty good, it was a Spinach Alfredo pizza and it came with a little cup of garlic sauce. It went great with ranch too.


OK, haven't updated in a while, so this post will be "What I ate with ranch this week." I don't remember exactly what days I had these things, but here it goes. I had breakfast potatoes with ranch last Sunday. Early in the work week I had curly fries with ranch. I made potato skins this week. For that I made ranch with the packets since it was a special treat and it lasted a couple days. We got a very tasty take and bake pizza the other night. It was a gourmet vegetarian pizza, and it went great with ranch. That lasted a couple days as well. That's it for this week; I'll probably have the last of the pizza today, and maybe a quesadilla with ranch later.


I've found a new favorite snack. I first had them at the Outback Steakhouse, and later I found they were amazingly easy to make at home too. My new favorite snack is cheesy fries! All you need is some good fries, some shredded cheese, a cookie sheet and some ranch. Cook the fries, top with cheese and bake some more and you are good to go. I especially like the Oreida brand fries.


Today we went to Roadhouse for lunch. It's a steak house and, since I am vegetarian, the only thing on the menu I can eat is the potato skins (minus the bacon). Fortunately, they make the best potato skins in town and they have great ranch (I think it's Hidden Valley). These things are huge with lots of cheese and they are cheap too. I can never finish a whole plate. It's either because they are so big, or because I fill up on peanuts and bread before they are served. Oh well, at least I get to eat them for a couple days. So, no update tomorrow, just know that I am having potato skins then too. :)


So last night we went to the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney. This place had great food and good service. It was a pretty cool atmosphere even for me, and I'm not much of a sports fan. They had this peppercorn ranch that was sooooo good. If you are in the area, you should check this out. Upstairs was a cool arcade. Fun for all. Still no signs of ranch in the Disneyland park though. Today we will be going to California Adventure. The food looks a bit better there, so maybe we will find some ranch.


So, Valerie and I are headed to California for a week at Disneyland. I will be very interested in seeing how available ranch is there. Our last trip was to Aspen, CO and the ranch availability (and quality) was very good. I hope the same holds true for Disneyland. So far we are off to a good start. The planes have been serving those snack mixes, and many of them have been ranch flavored or had something in them that was ranch flavored.


I had a nice treat today; yummy onion rings. I haven't had them in a while, and they looked good, so I got some cooked up fresh with a nice cup of ranch.


I've been eating breakfast pretty late these days, so I haven't had much in the way of lunch (and not much ranch either). But today, I had a grilled cheese, and I got some french fries with ranch. Pretty good fries. They were the kinda thick kind. Speaking of french fries, I wonder what ever happened with that whole "french fries cause cancer" study going on a while back? It wasn't just fries, it was a lot of cooked stuff. Kinda scary.


I've been using that new Best Foods Rockin' Ranch lately. I'm still a bit undecided on it. It's pretty thick, which isn't what you'd expect out of a squeeze bottle. It's pretty good, but I don't think it has as many uses as dressing style ranch. Anyway, I've been eating a lot of quesadillas with ranch lately.

I went skiing at Aspen with my parents and girlfriend recently. It was great to see that they had ranch in pump bottles out on the condiment stand right next to the ketchup! All the ranch you want, no charge and no trying to find a container to put it in. It was all right there. What a great place. I had a lot of fries with ranch there, with a grilled cheese on the side..


No ranch today. But I did have some jalapeno poppers this weekend. They go great with ranch. I actually got those and a couple mozzarella sticks and some jojos from the Fred Meyers Deli. I decided not to buy the extra ranch this time since I was just taking them home and I had ranch there. It's much easier that way.


I had another food that I haven't had in a while today: Taco Time. I had a crisp bean burrito and a cheddar mexi-fry (tater tots with cheese on top), both dipped in ranch. It was very good.


For the last day of the first month of the new year, I celebrated with a very yummy salad. I haven't had a salad in a while, so it was a nice treat. It had lettuce, shredded cheddar, avocados and croutons. mmmmmmm.


So I went to Arby's today and had some yummy curly fries with ranch. Sadly, the ranch was horrible! Normally they have this buttermilk ranch stuff that comes in a packet. It's pretty good. Today that had some stuff that they must have made themselves because it came in a portion cup with a lid. It tasted like mayo and a small amount of spices. They must have forgotten the milk 'cause it was totally mayo. Pretty gross tasting, I couldn't finish my fries it was so bad. I hope that this was due to some sort of ranch shortage and not what they are doing from now on.


I had two things with ranch today. I had a cheese quesadilla, and I had some croutons. Croutons and ranch may sound a bit odd, but if you are missing the rest of the stuff to make a salad, and you don't feel like going to the store just for a salad, it can feed the craving.


Pretty boring ranch consumption lately. I've had some ranch with fries, and ranch with curly fries, and ranch with these weird crispy corn fries. I need to find some new exciting things to have with ranch. I might make some potato skins this weekend, we'll see.


I had a great pizza today. I got it from this place in town called Track Town Pizza. They're a bit pricey, but they make some awesome pizza. I got what they call The Gourmet. It has sun dried tomatoes, fresh garlic, roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts and cheese. It was so good. And of course, I toped it with a little ranch. Not too much, just a light spreading.


Today was a good day for ranch. I started off with some German Potato Pancakes with ranch for breakfast, and I had a salad with ranch before dinner. The Potato Pancakes were very good. They were a mix of potatoes with onions and garlic and other spices, deep fried in the french fryer.


I made some of the Hidden Valley Dip Mix yesterday. It was very good. I think it goes very well with BBQ flavored chips.


Wow, 4 days into the new year, and I'm just now having some ranch! I'm having it with pizza; it's pretty yummy (sorry David). I did make some french onion dip the other day. I know it's not the same, but it's one reason for not having any ranch for a couple days..


No ranch today. But last night I had breakfast for dinner and had Breakfast Potatoes with ranch. It was very good.


I haven't had a whole lot of ranch over the last few days. It's been a little bit here and a little bit there. I think I had a salad the other day and I had some ranch with pizza too. I got a lot of snack foods for Christmas, so I've been munching on them mostly.

I talked to my Buddy Ryan today. He says he likes Blue Cheese on his salads. I'm not that fond of Blue Cheese. In fact it kinda scares me. Ryan says, "It can't god bad, because it's already bad." Good point, but it still scares me.


For Christmas Eve dinner, I made Haystacks. It was very good. I haven't posted the recipe yet, but I think I've mentioned it before. It's cooked pinto beans mixed with cheese, lettuce, Doritos and ranch. It sounds odd, but it's really good.


Boy, I was really jonesing for some ranch this weekend. I'm all out at home and I've been too busy to go to the store. So I was pretty happy about going back to work where I can get ranch pretty easily.. I did have a pretty big breakfast, so I didn't eat too much for lunch. I had a big plate of curly fries with a cup of ranch. The fries were great, right out of the fryer and cooked just right. And for the record, I got charged a quarter today.... weird.


Sorry the updates have been rather sparse lately. It's the Holidays. I'm also very low on ranch at home, so I haven't had it much while I've been home on vacation. I did have some today though (the last of the bottle :( ). I had a really good omelet with cheese, sour cream and grilled onions, and I had breakfast potatoes with onions and ranch. It was very good. Anyway, since I'm out of ranch, I doubt I'll have any tomorrow, but be sure to check back on Monday cause I gotta go back to work and they've got ranch there.


So I'm thinking about making a new section called, "What I got charged for ranch today." It seems that every time I get ranch, I get charged something different (and sometimes not at all). I had my leftover potato skins today, and I went to the cafeteria to get some ranch. So I filled up a small soup cup with it and I was charged $.50. The other day I got one of these soup cups and I was charged $.75. And the time before that the cashier didn't want to think up a price, so she had me weigh it and charged me at the salad rate ($.25 per ounce or something). And there have been a couple times that I didn't get charged at all. Now if I get those little portion cups with ranch, I get charged less often. I get 3 portion cups with most meals, and I get charged for them maybe 1 out of 10 times. Not too bad, but it's harder to dip large foods in them. Now I don't mind paying a little for ranch, but what bothers me is the lack of consistency. Oh well.


Today we went to the Roadhouse and I had some potato skins. They have the biggest, best potato skins there. I can never eat them all, which is nice because then I can have the leftovers the next day. Since I'm a vegetarian, I get them without the bacon (most places will do this for you).


Had some Taco Time today. It was pretty good. I had a crisp bean burrito and those stuffed fries they have. Both go really good with ranch. The ranch at Taco Time is outstanding too.


Today I had some curly fries with ranch for lunch, it was pretty good. I forgot to post yesterday, so I'll mention it today. I had onion rings with ranch. They have the really good onion rings at work, the kind with whole onions. Not the onion rings with the chopped onions like they have at burger king. Those suck.


Well, I tried out these stuffed potato things that Jeremiah recommended from Taco Time. They were pretty good. Kinda like Jalapeno poppers without the actual jalapeno (but with the flavor). I also had a crisp bean burrito. mmmmmmmm. Looks like Guy is really getting into the Totino's pizza. He's had it two nights in a row now (with ranch, of course).


Today I went down to Arby's and got some yummy appetizers. I got some curly fries and mozzarella sticks. They have some of the best mozzarella sticks. They're big and thick, full of cheese and a good price. And they never leak. Now that I think about it, Arby's has some of the best curly fries too. They give you that marinara sauce with the sticks too. I'm starting a marinara collection since I eat them with ranch, not the red sauce.


Today I had a yummy salad. It had lettuce, cheese, cucumbers, baby corn, and croutons. And, of course, it had ranch.


Uh, oh. No ranch today either. What's happening? I don't know, I just didn't eat at places that had any ranch. I had some Mexican food and some Thai food today. They don't really go with ranch very well. Well, I'm sure I'll have some tomorrow..... so be sure to check back.... don't go anywhere.... don't give up..... If I don't have any tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have some the next day, I promise.


Well, no ranch today. That's OK though, 'cause there is always tomorrow.


Well, I had leftover potato skins today. Hey, that's what I had yesterday too. Oh well, they're good, but they're all gone now.


Well, I had leftover potato skins today. Imagine that. I had to go back to the bottled ranch, but it was still very good.


I made potato skins today. They were extra good due to the ranch I made the other night. I can't get over how good it was. But now it's all gone, and I still have potato skins left. So do I settle for the bottled stuff I have, or do I go out and get more stuff to make the fresher stuff. Hmmm. I guess I'll decide when I get hungry again.


Well, I didn't get around to making potato skins today, maybe tomorrow. Instead, I ran down to Arby's and got some curly fries and mozzarella sticks. They have really good mozzarella sticks. ....And curly fries too.


Well today I decided to buy myself a treat that I haven't had in a long time. I got some Sour Cream and Onion chips, and a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix (which is very different than the dressing). Just mix the mix with sour cream, and you've got a very unique ranch dip. I also made some ranch dressing from the Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing Mix. I was thinking about making potato skins again, this weekend, and I thought I would treat myself to a really good ranch at the same time.


Happy Thanksgiving! I don't think ranch is an ingredient in the traditional Thanksgiving meal; after all, there was no such thing back in the day of the pilgrims. What a sad time that must have been. What did they put on their salads? I suppose there was no fried food then either, so I guess they wouldn't need ranch for that. What about pizza? Does anyone know when pizza was invented? Oh well, I guess I'm just thankful that I live in today's day and age. In honor of all the centuries without ranch, I will not eat any ranch today.


Pretty simple today, I had a salad with cheese and avocado, and ranch. It was really good.


Well, I'm on vacation for a week. What a great time to relax on the couch, watch movies and eat stuff with ranch. Today I went down to Fred Meyers and got some JoJos and Jalapeno Poppers from the deli. They were very good, nice and fresh too. And it never fails, I asked for extra ranch, and the lady "warned" me that she would have to charge me for the extra. Let's give it a break already, do we really need to have that part of the conversation? How many years has that been the standard? It was that way 10 years ago, and it still is; You get 2 ranches with the JoJos, and you gotta pay for the extras. When I ask for a side of ranch in a restaurant, the waitress doesn't say "I'm gonna have to charge you for that". She just does it. I'm here to buy the food, I already know I'm gonna get charged. So how about we make a sign or something for the newbies and call it good. Or better yet, not charge for the extras. If I don't buy them, they'll just give them away to someone else. Oh well, life goes on.


Today I made Haystacks. Yummy. I'll post the full recipe later, but basically it's cooked pinto beans toped with cheese, lettuce, Doritos, and ranch. Then you stir it all together. I got the recipe from my friend Bill, but he used regular tortilla chips instead of Doritos. It may sound odd, but it's really very good.


Nothing exciting today, just leftover cheese sticks and pizza with ranch. I got the Big New Yorker from Pizza Hut. They've been making it with a lot more crust than they used to, but it's still pretty good.


So today we went to Quizno's for lunch. I had the Double Cheese Melt. No ranch, but I had this really good italian dressing on my sandwich. It had lots of good spices and it was a bit thicker than most. It was really good. I'm thinking that I might like it more than ranch. I may have to start PlanetQuizno'sItalianDressing.com..... just kidding, it was good, but not that good. Besides, it would be hard to dip some stuff in it. Ranch wins. So anyway, no ranch yet today, but I am just about to order some pizza and mozzarella sticks, so I'll be having it then.


I finished off the potato skins! Boy, they were good. But now I have nothing to dip in ranch at home. :( I'm going to have to go shopping soon so I can get some more food to go with the ranch I have left.


Well, today I had a small salad with ranch. I still have some potato skins left, but they'll have to wait till tomorrow. On a related note, Guy informed me that he had Totinos Combo Pizza (slightly over cooked for crunchiness) with ranch. He said it was pretty good. Generally, pizza goes with ranch pretty good (depending on the toppings).


Sorry for slacking, I've been busy with other things over the weekend, so I didn't do an update. On Sunday I made some yummy potato skins. I think I need to adjust the recipe a bit though, so if you try it, add some time to the cooking and set the oven on broil (instead of bake) most of the time. I like to make big batches of potato skins, so I had potato skins with ranch on Sunday and Monday, and I'll probably have some tonight too.


Today I had some fries with ranch. I also had a yummy grilled cheese with grilled onions and guacamole inside. No ranch with the sandwich, but I thought I should mention it so you didn't think I only ate fries for lunch! I usually have curly fries, but today I had straight fries 'cause I felt like something different. They were pretty good, the big thick kind.


Sadly, no ranch today or yesterday. I think I'm getting a cold or something, and I don't feel like eating much of anything, especially not dairy. I will be better soon, and then I will have more ranch, so stay tuned.


We went to Taco Time at the mall today. I had a crisp bean burrito and cheddar fries. Both dipped in ranch. Very good, if you haven't tried it. I like their ranch to. I'd like to know what brand it is.


For lunch today, we went to Papas Pizza. I had a mini cheese pizza and some ranch. I think they use Hidden Valley there. It was good, but very runny. I also had a salad with ranch when I got home.


I had two things with ranch today. I had a salad with ranch and I had a cheese quesadilla that I dipped in ranch. I don't normally double up on foods with ranch, but I just got a new bottle, so I thought it was OK.


Today I had onion rings with ranch. Onion rings go pretty well with ketchup too, but I prefer the ranch. These were good onion rings, the kind with the whole onions. I should have used a larger cup for ranch. The onion rings were rather large and I had to fold them up to dip them in the small portion cups.


I had a pretty big breakfast today. So, I didn't eat any lunch, and no ranch. :( But I thought about it. I had Taco Bell for dinner. Most Mexican food doesn't really go well with ranch (Taco Time has some stuff that does, but I'll go into that another day). My Ranch Wheat Thins are almost gone.


Today I had a yummy salad with ranch. It was pretty good, but I'm not too fond of the croutons we have at work. Oh well, at least the ranch is good. I also had some more Ranch Wheat Thins for a snack before dinner. They're pretty addictive.


Today I didn't eat too much, but I did have some curly fries with ranch. The ranch was pretty good today too. I got the ranch from the salad bar at work, and it's not very consistent. It always tastes great, but some days it's runny, and others it's pretty thick. Odd...


I didn't have any actual ranch today, but I did have half a box of ranch flavored Wheat Thins . If you haven't tried these, you need to. There have been some good ranch flavored products, and some bad. But in my opinion, these are the best.

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