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Here at Planet Ranch, we believe that ranch dressing is not just a dressing; it's a dip, a food topping, a flavor enhancer, and a way of life.

Deccio's. The folks over at Deccio's have redesigned their online shop and you can now buy the 1 lb container of ranch seasoning. They make a really good ranch seasoning, and it's great to be able to get it in such a large quantity. See my original mention of them here.

Sucks or Rules. In their latest Podcast, the guys over at Masters of None have decided to debate the merits of ranch dressing in our society.  It's pretty entertaining and certainly worth a listen.  I do think Mike could have done a better job of defending ranch, I'm not sure his heart was really in it, but it was still a pretty good debate.  Check it out here: http://mastersofnone.podbean.com/2009/03/24/masters-of-none-episode-11-ranch-dressing-sucks-or-rules/

Updates. Lots of new updates since I last posted. Hopefully I found all the Ranch Map submissions in my email, I had a bunch to post and I think I got them all. We now have data on ranch availability in England, Malaysia, Singapore and more! Check out the Ranch Map for the up to date info on ranch availability around the world.

University of Missouri journalism student Kristen Lepore interviewed me a while back for an article she was writing about ranch. Check out the article here: http://www.digmo.com/stories/2007/04/07/id-eat-my-hand-if-it-was-covered-ranch-dressing/

In the Image Gallery I have two new photos of ranch in Iraq, thanks to Gackman. He scored a packet from the chow hall and photographed it in his body armor outside his door there. Check it out!

Ranch In Iraq

The last bit of news, and the most exciting, my buddy neogeek got me this great video of ranch dressing sitting ON the South Pole! He has a friend that works in Antarctica and asked him to get me a picture. Instead he sent back this video. Even better! For the whole story, check out the Antarctica section of the Ranch Map. Here's the exclusive video:


More News

Cindy wrote in with a ranch recommendation that I thought I should share with everyone. She says that Ryan's Steakhouse Buffet has the BEST ranch dressing she has ever tasted. I don't know of any of these Buffets in my area, but if you live near one it is probably worth a try. She also says, "They actually call it "house" dressing.  They will not tell me what is in it, just that it is made on the premises". Thanks for the recommendation Cindy!

At work they had some avocado ranch dressing on the salad bar. I think it was left over from a special the day before. I love avocados, and I love ranch, so I had to try this. The dilemma was what to have it with. My first thought was to have a quesadilla, but they only had small tortillas, so that wasn't going to work. Instead I had the grill cook make me a grilled cheese on sourdough with cheddar and grilled onions. When I got the sandwich I opened it up and spread some of this avocado ranch in the middle. It was AMAZING! The next time you feel like having a grilled cheese, be sure to try this great combo.

I get a lot of people asking me about Gregg's Savory Ranch Dressing. This is certainly the best bottled ranch I've had. It's still not as good as making it fresh, but it's nice because it comes in a huge container and it has to be kept refrigerated at the store. It is fresher and it's missing the preservatives that make other bottled ranch taste funny. The down side is that you can only get it at Costco. I've not seen it anywhere else and there is very little info about this product on the web. If you've seen this anywhere else, let me know!

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